Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Reflection November 9th

I am very glad to start this project, it is something that I had this idea awhile ago, but didn’t think I would get around to actually completing it because of school. However, now that I have an incentive, I look forward to starting and completing this application. This is something I can continue in the future after the project ends, and could possibly a long-term web application that it is used globally. I am a little worried about moving into the web application as opposed to iPhone development, as it is not what I am as good at. I do welcome the time to research and learn this side of programming though.
Another challenge that I think I will have is launching a successful marketing campaign. Although there are millions of iPhone users, and billions of web users, connecting with them will be hard. I think it will take some upfront capital in terms of advertisements and email campaigns. I will provide this upfront, but I expect it to pay off in the long run.  Another difficulties will be monetizing it in the future. An obvious answer is providing ads in the application and website, but I really dislike the stylistic effect that ads have on a website, but in order to pay for server space and the overhead costs, I will need to come up with something.
            That being said, I look forward to this project, and I think that it is something which could revolutionize communication, allow me to explore new areas of programming, and be a long term project that I could show off on resumes and job interviews.

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