Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reflection Dec14

Although I am excited to develop this application, I am worried about the number of users I will need to develop a critical mass. In most applications such as Yik Yak, and Reddit, the critical number of users is quite small. Only a handful of people need to have the application to have an interesting conversation because everyone can see every other user's posts. However, because the conversations in Komett are sorted by the poster's opinions and political background, it will mean that for Komett to be useful for a democrat, there must be a number of democrats already who have the site who have interesting conversations. Likewise, for a East European communist, there must already be a handful of Eastern European communists who will be able to interest the potential user enough to join.

I think a way to get users to join will be by having advertisements on web pages that are targeted to 18-33 year olds(millenials) because they are the most likely group to join a social network (because they have the technology, and the desire to join). These advertisements will incite them to voice their own opinions through catch slogans such as, "What's your opinion," over a picture of a modern news article. For example, one such advertisement is a picture of ISIS fighters, with the caption in white letters above it. Then, by clicking on the advertisement, it would take the user to the article about ISIS, and allows them to sign up to comment.

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