Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reflection Dec7

This week, I decided to design a logo. I had always assumed creating a logo was easy, so I thought I would just sit down and come up with something. However, I realized it was much more intense than I thought. I began by finding a color scheme. I read a few articles, and decided that I wanted a blue color. However, Facebook, Tumblr, and a number of other social networks already have very iconic blue colors. I looked for one that was dark enough to look good, without being too close to black. I found one: R(21) G(30) B(45) which I liked. I then looked for a design, which I thought would reflect my brand identity.  What I came up with is this:

At this point, I was an hour or two through my process, and I was glad that I had found something useable. I showed it to some people, asking them for criticisms, and the told me a few things. “It looks too much like tumblr” and, “It looks too much like a pi sign”
I moved onto my second design. I changed the background color to: r(39) G(46) B(57).  In order to avoid looking like tumblr, I took the K from Komett, and set it in the middle. This is the result:

However, the people I like did not like this one because they thought it was too plain. At this point I was so frustrated with trying to come up with a combination of text and color that I gave up on the font. I thought about what else I could use that would be a combination of my name Komett, the purpose of the network. I decided to try to build Comet freehand, and put it on a brighter blue background. Initially had the comet perfectly level, but as someone pointed out, if the comment were pointed slightly upward, it would seem more natural, and would give the impression of an moving upwards, i.e. something along an increase in knowledge. This is my final design. However, not only have a gained a logo, I have also gained an appreciation for graphic designers.

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