Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Reflection Dec21

I've begun to create the launch page, which is going to be a two section webpage. It will be divided where the first half is information, and the bottom half will be a sign up form to receive a notification when we launch, and access to the beta when it comes out. Before beginning on this page, I wanted to make sure that I got it completely correct. I did some research and I found two key points that I will use to drive sign ups.

The first is that it is always necessary to A/B test. This is a key component of website, UX design. Basically, what it comes down to is presenting half of your viewers with one website, call it A, and the other half with the second website, call it B. The difference between A and B being one small change, be it a different colored button or a different tagline. Then, you look at the difference in sign ups between the two user populations, and you then determine which feature users like better, A or B.

The second is to have the entire page direct users, consciously or unconsciously, to the sign-up button. There is no reason to have a sign-up page if users don't sign up, so by leading users to the sign-up button, they will be more likely to sign up, and less likely to leave without giving you their email address.  Some techniques of this are having more than one sign-up form, or having buttons which forward the user to the sign-up form, and spreading these throughout the information. For example, you might have a piece of text that explains the project, and at the end you say, "to find out more, click here" and the word "here" is a link to the sign up form.

There were a few other tips, but I liked these two the best, and I plan to incorporate both of them into my website to try to gather as many users before the release as possible.

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