Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reflection 3/12

I spent the last week in St. John, USVI sitting on the beach, and hiking. However relaxing this may sound, I also spent a fair amount of time working on Komett. Although previously I had thought that I would program Komett in Ruby on Rails, I have decided to write Komett in PHP, Javascript and HTML. Although Ruby on Rails is a very comprehensive program, I believe that PHP, Javascript, and HTML (the backbones of the web) will give me more control over the application, and allow for scalability if Komett takes off.

Komett is still under development, but the prototype page describing the basic function to potential investors and customers is almost live.

I struggled greatly between building the entire project at once, including commenting, sorting, submission of articles, creation of accounts, and account management; and building a single page showing why the application is beneficial, and then incorporating the building blocks then.

I have decided that a bottom-up approach will be best for this application. It will allow me to always having a working website, but build new modules and add them as needed and when I have time and funding to build them. The end goal is described in the project summary, but by starting with in text comments, then adding sorting of comments, then adding user accounts, and finally adding user submissions will allow expandability and new features for customers who sign up with the initial release.

I look forward to sharing my project with the community next week, and will be presenting it as a customer pitch. I will ask the community what features they think will add most to the application, and if they think certain features are necessary.

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